FHWR building units are allocated in such a way to facilitate synergies among uses and functional integration of services. The target is to enhance and increase guests’ choice promoting maximum utilisation of available products and services. All buildings are in walking distance between them and some of them are invisibly connected with underground, beautifully designed hallways.   


 For the successful implementation of World Tourism Organisation and EU Commission Accessible Tourism standards, existing land contours were carefully and cleverly handled during the design of FHWR to create conditions for smooth and unrestricted access for all guests.

To ensure a high degree of independent living, all the houses of the Ambient Assisted Living Resort will incorporate advanced automation systems (smart houses) to provide the inhabitants with sophisticated monitoring and control over the building's functions. 

Green Technologies, Organic Farming and Sustainable Architecture, with the use of as much as possible local natural building materials, are major characteristics of the Fortune Health & Wellness Resort and the owners promote its designation by the appropriate registration bodies as the first ‘Ecological Resort’ in Cyprus and the region.

Running costs of all FHWR units, including houses are estimated to be significantly reduced with the use of latest technology renewable sources of energy (e.g. solar energy systems)

All units will be constructed in parallel and will be completed two and half years after commencement. Residential complexes will be completed in phases.